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Intro of Lycamobile eSIM

Lycamobile eSIM, in short terms Lyca Mobile, is a brand of mobile network that has roots in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2006 by Subaskaran Allirajah. This company aims to provide affordable international calling services to the people of the UK.

The idea was to make the connection between those people who are away from their countries or homes. Since it started, the app has expanded its services in different countries rapidly. It is currently active in multiple countries like the United States, Australia, various European nations, and different parts of Asia.

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Features of Lycamobile eSIM

Buying Power: It had a promise to its customers to give packages at low rates like international calling and data plans. These plans are impacting the market segment which is in search of low-price communication solutions.

Diverse Customer Base: It can provide services to its customers, especially for those people who have moved to another region or state. The company provides SIM cards and different packages in different languages for their customers to communicate easily like Urdu, English, Hindi, French, etc.

Intensive Marketing: Lycamobile eSIM has invested a lot of money in marketing and promotional activities by exploring its brand and attracting new customers. They are investing a lot of money in different events like sports, cultural activities, etc, to improve their visibility.

Nationwide Coverage: It has strong network coverage across the country. Wherever you are living like in the city or side areas or it may be a village. In these areas, it can apply its full force to make you connect with eSIM.

Data Rollover:Lycamobile eSIM has the ability that user cannot waste their monthly data because it will keep their monthly data for another recharge so users can enjoy their extra data. This feature is especially for those who are not using all their monthly data in their given time so they can use their extra data on their next recharge.


The world is moving by mobile connectivity, the Lycamobile eSIM has made it a well-known name in mobile communication. It is designed to fulfill the needs of a user base, this comprehensive guide has shed light on the app’s many features and how it transforms the mobile experience for users’ lives. With its clean behavior and user-friendly interface,

The Lycamobile eSIM can manage accounts; monitor the balance, and make international calls to the hands of users. It solves the complexities of modern mobile services and meets the needs of users with international connections, travelers, and budget-conscious individuals. The app’s features include easy balance management, data, and plan flexibility, competitive international calling rates, and convenient roaming services, all those things make it an attractive choice for those users who want connectivity beyond borders.

Adding a friends program and many other bill payment options also enhance the demand. It cares about the importance of the security and privacy of the user and employs encryption. For Lycamobie eSIM users’ police are the most important thing, they made secure login methods, and data protection and safety of the user information is not giving personal information out from the app.


1.Does the Lycamobile eSIM offer 5G services?

Answer: Yes, it can provide 5G services but it depends upon your region or country.

2. Can I use a Lycamobile SIM card in a different country?

Answer: Lycamobile SIM cards can be used in those countries where they can be purchased. Lycamobile also offers international roaming services allowing you to use Lycamobile in any country. The roaming service has a specific rate and coverage. You have to check with Lycamobile for more details about the country and costs. It is important to know that international roaming charges may be expensive, so it is important to inform you that plan according to a local SIM card in the country you are visiting.

3. How can I activate my Lycamobile eSIM card on my phone?

Answer:Activation Process:

  • In the first step, you have to put your Lycamobile SIM card into your phone.
  • Turn on your phone.
  • In most cases, the eSIM card will automatically activate. You have to see the signal bars of your phone it will display in the bars of your phone.
  • To make sure the SIM card is activated fully, make a call or text message to someone.
  • You may need to start your eSIM account with credit for voice, text, and data services. You can do this from the website of Lycamobile eSIM or by purchasing a top-up voucher.

Mostly, sometimes you have to make some changes to your APN setting to start mobile data. You can find this setting on the websites of Lycamobile eSIM or by contacting Lycamobile customer support.

4. What are the Lycamobile eSIM international calling rates?

Answer: Visit the website for the specific country or region.

  • You can typically find a list of the countries and their corresponding International calling rates per minute on the website.
  • You can find the country or select to call to view the corresponding call rate.
  • You can also use Lycamobile eSIM to see the international calling rates that apply to your account. The rates of calling are changing day by day so it’s easy to check the rates on the official website. So here you can get the information about rates.

5. Are there any special data plans for mobile internet usage?

Answer: Yes, it can provide a range of data options, including plans for daily, weekly, and monthly usage, each offering varying data allowances. For more details visit my website

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